Paul Whiting
International Speaker

Paul Whiting

Managing Director, Delta-Xero

Paul Whiting is not just an expert in mechanical engineering, oil analysis, and filtration, but
offers real passion and understanding in the industry. With his oil filtration system, he has revolutionised the way businesses can increase
profitability by significantly reducing wear and increasing the amount of time machinery is operational. Teamed with his oil analysis understanding, it is a game-changer, revealing the truth about the cleanliness of oil.
What makes Paul stand out is not only his practical knowledge but his deep understanding of fluid dynamics.. Although he doesn't have formal tribology qualifications, his ability for learning and analytical, in-depth thinking of issues experienced in this area has made him a
respected professional in his field.
Paul has had an notable career, starting as a mechanic and quickly moving on to become the managing director of a car sales firm. He has also worked as a business analyst, helping companies become more efficient and profitable. His true passion lies in mechanical
engineering, which led him to pursue knowledge about oil, contamination, analysis, and
In summary, Paul Whiting is a true enthusiast in his field, who is changing the industry with
his innovative oil filtration and analysis systems.